Real Life CSA: week 3

I almost feel like the titles of my posts are misnomers, since we get so much more than produce in our CSA shares from Penn’s Corner. And that’s definitely the case this week! Henceforth it will just be the week number, and I’ll use labels to help classify what’s in them.

The lettuce will go in salads, like usual. These apples made great snacks the last time we had them, so they will likely serve as snacks again this week.

This goat cheese might make it into a pasta dish, or possibly grilled cheese. (Cheddar and goat cheese is a really good combination!)

Eggs will supplement the ones we get from our three ladies in the backyard. And the maple syrup will be an addition to our ever growing supply. (We have a syrup hookup from the north – my grandpa.) We’re going to have to start eating more pancakes! Though really I need to start looking for more ways to incorporate maple syrup into non-breakfast foods, like baked goods.

Probably the winner this week for “thing Joanna is most excited about” is the cornmeal from Weatherbury. We’ve been getting beef from Weatherbury for years, and Mark hunts red tag on their farm. (Red tag is a special season for deer hunting in PA to help farmers who suffer crop damage from deer.) We know their farm and how dedicated they are to it and have been waiting and waiting for them to go through the onerous paperwork process to be able to sell their prize-winning grains to consumers. We ordered from them directly when they were first able to sell it, but I’m really glad their items are available through Penn’s Corner, too.  

Looks like we’re going to be eating some cornbread this week. If not as a side, maybe as the topping on a skillet pie of some kind? We shall see!

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