2015 goals: check-in #1

Back in January, I declared that I would devote 2015 to margin. I started the year feeling like an old cell phone battery that couldn’t hold a charge.

So how is it going, now that it’s April?

I’m getting there. As much as I would have liked to have just embraced margin in my life the moment I wrote about it, life doesn’t work like that. Things take time. But my battery is holding a charge better than it was four months ago. The job change was a necessary thing for me, and I am immensely happy about that decision. But it’s also been a complete upheaval of my life, especially because it came directly on the heels of being very ill for more than a week. Most of March and April so far have been whirlwinds, and I’m trying to ride it out until some calm and routine can be restored. I’m a person that thrives on routine and order, and when that gets disrupted, it’s hard to maintain any sense of margin or peace. But I’m getting there, one step/breath/moment at a time.

As for the specific goals I set, here’s where they stand.

Finish the “sewing” room

Well, I haven’t finished it, so to speak, but I cleaned it out. So that’s good, right?

Organize my race bibs

Haven’t really started this one either, but I’m about to get three more bibs to add, with two upcoming 5Ks and the Pittsburgh Half. So perhaps this is a project for May.

Read 100 books

I’m more than on track for this goal, currently sitting at 40 finished books. I’m trying to diversify what I’m reading and branch out to read more general fiction and works by diverse authors. My TBR list is perpetually out of control, but that’s a good thing because it means I’ll never have a moment where I don’t know what to read next. Even the thought of it is foreign to me.


PR in the half marathon and 5K distances


Technically I already PR’d in the half marathon at Just a Short Run with my time of 2:22:49. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about possibly lowering it under 2:20 at some point this year. If that doesn’t come at the Pittsburgh Half, it might be a fall race goal. As far as the 5K, my first 5K of the year is Saturday in Carnegie and I’d love to PR at that. The second 5K is the day before the Pittsburgh Half, so it will not be a PR attempt, but just a casual run. So we’ll see. Being sick and changing jobs threw a huge monkey wrench in my training, but I have stuck with it better than I would have in previous years, so I know I’m getting there.

Sew a t-shirt blanket for Mark

Progress! I have the front sewn and need to pin the backing on, but it’s a work in progress, which means I’m over the hump of getting started. I expect to finish this in the next week or two.



Incorporate one relaxation technique daily

I was 100% on track with this before I got sick and then the wheels fell off the wagon. (Are you sensing a theme here?) I am slowly getting back to yoga, so I hope to have this fully part of my routine again soon.

Eat clean

I have managed to do this pretty well, especially considering how the spring has gone. I am getting back into the groove – there’s even beans soaking on my dining room table right now. Garden season will help this too. My body is starting to adjust as my stress levels do and I find I’m not craving comfort foods as much.

Blog when I can

I’ve tried to stay with it by at least posting a weekly update, but I do have a lot of ideas for the late spring and summer. I hope as my schedule evolves that I will be able to post more – and not just about myself – but about some helpful food ideas and about growing your own food. One thing I want to do this year is a cost analysis of growing your own food – taking into account all of the parts of that. It will help that my new job has public Wifi in the building, so I can blog at lunch again! And perhaps get back to reading other blogs more regularly too!

Did you set any goals for this year? How are you doing on them?