Whether you made it here by Google or Tardis, welcome. This is Next Gen House.

Next Gen House is a blog I started in 2013 to talk about the things that I’m most passionate about. It’s probably still best described like this, from my first post on February 26, 2013:

My house is not your average house. Sure, the three bedrooms and front porch are average enough, and we live in an average city neighborhood and have an average house cat. My husband and I have average desk jobs from Monday through Friday.

But we have four (edit, now three) chickens. And a few raised garden beds. And a big compost area. And a basement full of home canned goods, filling jars that were first filled 50 years ago. And a fridge with raw milk in it. And a freezer full of farm-raised meat.

We didn’t always live like this. In fact, this all traces back to one evening spent on my apartment couch watching Food, Inc. I’d imagine many people who have found themselves caring about the industrial food system’s impact on our world and our lives could trace that interest back to that seminal documentary. But it stirred something in me and in my husband that has refused to go away or diffuse or let go. 

Our house is the Next Gen House. Not only because it’s filled with Star Trek kitsch (which it most certainly is). But because we try to remember that we’re living our lives with an eye on the next generation – following principles of sustainability, health, good stewardship and conservation. 

And that’s how this site came to be. Of course, I’ve interspersed some other healthy living stuff in there, because that’s a big part of our lives too. I’m a distance runner and Mark is a triathlete. In a world where healthy eating has been overtaken by chia seeds and gluten free dairy free everything free, we try to bring some balance back.