onward, upward and inward

Early 2015 was a difficult time for me, with the Bad Job at peak misery and Good Job still only a blip on the horizon. I looked to this blog, which I started back in 2013, as a solace. Something that could remind me that I had something to offer the world – namely my passion for whole, healthy foods, urban homesteading and food justice. I never looked to it to provide an income. It was mostly to share what I do, share how I use my CSA ingredients (and how much I love being a CSA subscriber) and try to create a community.

A friend once used the metaphor that we all are a gas stove, with the many parts of our life on the different burners. When you turn the heat up on one, the intensity of the flame is lessened on the others. There’s only so much gas to go around. With Good Job beginning six months ago this week and me commuting daily, my work burner has been on high for awhile now. My health and exercise are a priority that take time in the form of cooking and running, both burners that need to stay lit. There’s the everyday responsibilities that I like to call Adulting. And that’s not including people and relationships and other hobbies like reading. Months ticked by and I found that this blog had not only been shoved off the stove, but the contents had congealed and were no longer appetizing to me.

I look back on the summer and the garden was disappointing. I didn’t have a lot of time for careful tending and though we managed to preserve some things, it wasn’t optimal. I was lucky to get my CSA unpacked and stored each week, let alone take photos of it. I have many things I want to change for next year’s season, but that won’t include writing in this space anymore. At least not for the forseeable future.

I thought I would be disappointed to walk away from a site I so desperately put my 5 a.m.s into for so long. But it’s really okay. From day 1, I’ve never had the capacity to be a full time blogger and to nurture the community I so desperately wanted to create. I hope that in writing here I’ve given people an idea for dinner or encouraged them to be brave and try something new, whether that’s brewing kombucha, keeping chickens or just trying a weird vegetable. I’m going to keep the archives up, mostly for my own benefit when I need to remember how to make croutons.

Sometimes I get the itch to write or to speak out into the void, though. So I am starting a Tiny Letter. You can subscribe by clicking that link. No guarantees about how often I will send one or what it will be about. Probably the same kinds of things I would write about here, but never forced. Something inspired me to write one tonight, which is why I came here to close this door. I have other gardens to tend.

Whether you join me at the Tiny Letter or not, thanks for reading and helping me keep this little safe space alive for as long as I did.

All my best,


  • http://runningonlentils.blogspot.com/ Jenn @ Running on Lentils

    I’m sorry to see you go from this space, but I completely understand. I’ve been having similar feelings lately, and blogging just isn’t a priority for me as much as all the other things. The gas stove is a perfect metaphor. I hope to keep seeing you at local races and maybe even training runs!

  • Joni

    I have been wanting to blog lately (I think Caroline was 2 the last time I wrote) but you saw how things were lately. I truly don’t know how I juggle it all at this point. when I turn in my PT timesheet for the two weeks I wonder how I accomplished anything else.

    Looking forward to your Tiny letters AND seeing you soon! :)

    love you Joanna Anne!