parsley seedling

Real Life CSA: spring, week 7

This week got away from me blog-wise, but the CSA is one constant. And as I write this, there’s ramp chimmichurri waiting to go on venison steaks and collard greens in a stock pot for dinner. Courtesy of the CSA. So let’s get to it!

RealLifeCSA Week7

The apple cider puts us over the limit for how much cider we can allow in the house at once, so we’re gifting this to a happy home. It should be stated for the record that this is great cider. We just don’t drink enough of it to keep up. So share it is! The apple butter might meet the same fate, since we already have one in the pantry. I’m going to consider it CSA outreach.

Lettuce is going in the salad rotation, like usual. Always happy for that!

Also going in the salad rotation are these delicious green onions. Frankly, it’s the CSA green onions that have made us start adding them to salads again. So flavorful and fresh compared to the neon green ones that we have to settle for when green onions aren’t in season.

green onions


Oats will make a good addition to the pantry. We manage to go through a decent amount of them in the house since I eat homemade granola every day for breakfast and Mark eats oats sometimes too. Maybe with these I’ll make some muffins or cookies.

collard greens

These collard greens were delicious. Already ate them, about 20 minutes ago for dinner. Mark boiled them down and then sauteed them with sliced garlic in bacon grease. Yeah, read that sentence again and go get yourself some collards.

Last but not least is this fun parsley seedling, which will make it out into a pot on the porch with the other herbs.

parsley seedling

I’ll be back next week with some garden updates, more CSA and adventures in homemade yogurt!

In the meantime, what’s in your CSA?