Real Life CSA: spring, week 6

Two things you need to do this week:

1. Sign up for a summer CSA. It’s not too late. This post will help. Or this one.
2. Go to Penn’s Corner’s blog and look at the pictures of the goats at River View Dairy. You will thank me. The little one that got out of his pen? He slays me with his cuteness. SLAYS ME.

Moving on. This week’s share!

real life csa week 6

I decided to bite the bullet and use the rhubarb in a strawberry rhubarb pie, my grandma’s recipe. My best friend knows me too well and pulled a “I want your grandma’s strawberry rhubarb pie for my birthday dessert” because she knew I wouldn’t say no to her and I’d need to make it. So there you have it. Hoodwinked into being brave.

We’ve been eating a lot of green onions on salad lately and these ones will probably accompany the lettuce in the same preparation. But in our house, salad days are like holy days of obligation. So that’s a good thing.

Our chickens have been laying like champs so we’re pretty well stocked on eggs. Might share some of our chickens’ eggs with people and save these for ourselves!

Kale I’m not so sure about this week. I don’t really have any good brainstorms for it, but I am wondering about attempting to cook it down and leech the bitterness out. I haven’t done that in a long time because the last time I did it, I didn’t cook it long enough and it was chewy yuck. But perhaps this is the year for re-attempting previous epic fails in the kitchen.

At the same time, there’s this recipe for potato, scallion and kale cakes that was on the CSA blog and is from Smitten Kitchen. Hmmmm.

Last but not least, the halloumi.


The CSA blog tells us that halloumi is a great grilling cheese because its high melting point means it won’t turn into slop under heat. We’re planning on grilling on Memorial Day, and I think that would be a great opportunity to try. Will definitely report back on the success of that!

So how about you. Any good Memorial Day food plans?

  • Amber de Almeida

    Aww that is the cutest goat! :-)
    Can’t wait for the pie 😉