apis meadery

last week at next gen house

So yeah, I’m a little behind on the garden posts, but it’s there and it’s coming. Living that whole year of margin thing, right? Blog when I can?

Anyway. Here’s Stormy, helping me do laundry.

stormy in a basket

Last week in running

I should probably start calling this section “Last Week in Physical Activities” because I’m not exclusively running right now. But I did make a decision to join a gym by my building that allows me to to run outdoors before work a few days a week. So last year I ran three times – twice before work and once with my dad when I visited on Saturday. About 10 miles over those three workouts, which is more than I ran the week before. I’d ideally like to be around 15 miles per week, so I’m going to go for that this week. It’s nice to be out of a training cycle though, because it’s given me time for some other pursuits, such as getting back to krav maga more frequently and riding my bike. Really fun way to work out. I even rode my first half marathon on a bicycle this weekend, also at a faster speed than I’ve ever been able to maintain before plus a few hills. And it was on the section of the trail where I had a meltdown during my first 20-mile run last year, so this was a nice redemption for that stretch of trail.


Last week in eating

Any week that includes your mom’s strawberry pretzel salad is a banner food week (shout out, mom!).

But another cool thing we did this week was check out Apis Meadery, here in Carnegie. Why we waited so long to check this place out when it’s literally a few blocks away is beyond me, but that’s now been rectified. We did the samplers to try all the types available and while I had a few favorites, it was really hard to decide what was the best, and none that I wouldn’t try again. It’s BYOF (bring your own food) and they have a whole section of board games and books. While we were there, a big group was playing board games and I realized this could definitely be a good hangout spot. We will be back. Soon.

apis meadery

Last week in homesteading

Garden’s in, more info to come. Kombucha’s a brewing, double batch! And a friend is giving me her yogurt maker, which should be a fun experiment. Homesteading sometimes feels like what happens in the background in our house, which I guess is as good a definition as any.

Last week in reading

This week I finished two graphic novels: The Wrenchies and Rat Queens: Vol 2. I chose The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins as last week’s audiobook, and I thought it was fine, but was absolutely not the amazing novel everyone’s made it out to be. I guess I’m just not into thrillers, but I found this one to be really cliched. Definitely not my favorite book of the year. I’m about to start Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed on audio, which I am thrilled about. I might not even want to get off the bus. Also starting Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Lathe of Heaven, which was a “congrats” gift from a fellow book person at my last job. Lots on the list, but what else is new?

No really. What else is new?