Real Life CSA: spring, week 5

One of my favorite CSA items of the whole year came this week – rhubarb!

real life csa spring week 5

I am happy for lettuce again this week, the unsung regular hero of the CSA. Long gone are the days of bagged salad mixes in our house. We probably have the CSA to thank for that.

The black beans will go in the pantry, though we’ll probably have to work through another bag this week since we’re getting a stockpile. Last time I made them to go with sofritas – perhaps I’ll do the same thing again. Can’t get enough sofritas.

These chives were so fragrant when I opened the bag. Because I’m a salty snack person, I had daydreams of sour cream and chives chips and then switched right into daydreams of a baked potato bar. Maybe that’s a meal idea this week…upgraded baked potato bar…


Dilly beans will go in the pantry for the nonce since we also have another jar of those. I need to just make it a habit to take them as snacks in lunches or eat them as a side with sandwiches because they are really good – they’re just one of those awkward things I forget about until I have two jars. Going to eat some this week!

The ironic part about getting rhubarb is that it overshadows two other things I am particularly excited about this week – bok choy and more ramps. The extra ramps will give me even more opportunity to practice some ramp recipes. I have heard that southern cornbread with ramps is delicious, so I might find a recipe for that and use my Weatherbury cornmeal (also from the CSA!).

As for the bok choy, it’s one of my favorite greens for stir fry and I have a good recipe for just stir fried bok choy on its own, so that might make an appearance this week for dinner. I bet you could kimchi bok choy too…

And last but not least, my great love.


We love rhubarb so much we’re even going to try growing it (more on that later). I love how being a CSA subscriber helps you start to understand the seasons for particular fruits and vegetables and gets you excited for when your favorites show up. I knew it would be coming in the spring share. I’m hoping to make another batch of the rhubarb simple syrup that Mark made last year and that I used to flavor kombucha. Plus there’s always the goal of making my grandma’s strawberry rhubarb pie, something I’ve wanted to do every year but have been nervous to do because I don’t think I can make a pie like she could. Probably should use this opportunity to give it the old college try, though, right?

What’s your favorite rhubarb recipe? Anything else exciting in your CSA?