Real Life CSA: Spring, Week 4

I’ve got plants and food on the brain since we just ordered our seedlings and will be spending this weekend sweltering outside, getting the yard put together and preparing the garden beds for the seedings we will pick up next week. Lots of interesting ones this year, and I’m also going to keep track of the garden expenses, so that we can determine at the end of the season if growing our own saved us money in the long term or not. I am 100% ready for my backyard oasis again.

How is it even possible that we are in week 4 of this spring share? I know I’m a full year subscriber, so things run together, but yikes.

Here’s what the share looked like for week 4. (I was having photo edit problems, so you just get one this week.)

real life csa week 4 spring

I am pretty happy to see the applesauce, since we very quickly ate through our last jar. I think most store applesauce is tasteless and I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. But this stuff reminds me the most of my grandma’s applesauce, which was in a class of its own, so I will take it.

Potatoes go in the root cellar, though I have a feeling they will be eaten this week. Me and potatoes go together like me and potatoes.

We enjoyed eating the radishes on salad last week and we’ll probably do that again. I think these small ones have a milder flavor than the larger ones, so I’ve been enjoying them more than usual.

Kale might become chips, since I have no desire to make soup now that it’s like 85 degrees out. The maple syrup we will likely share with friends, because our family is fully supplied with maple syrup from my grandpa and we have literal mason jars full of it. So we’ll spread the love around there.


This feta cheese is one of my favorite cheeses that we get in the CSA. It has great texture and flavor and stays nice and moist since it’s packed in liquid.

And last, but not least, the ramps. I want to meet the foragers that get themselves out there in the spring to find all these bunches. I found this list of ramp recipes and will probably end up making one of these this weekend. The chimichurri ramps bread or the biscuits look heavenly, but I’m fascinated by the idea of making kimchi from the ramp greens. We’ll see.