Vader lap

last week at next gen house

While I’m still gathering my thoughts and feels about the Pittsburgh Half this weekend, here’s what happened last week at Next Gen House.

But first, here’s Vader giving me shade for sitting in his spot on the couch. Can’t go wrong starting posts with photos of cats.

Vader lap

Last Week in Running

I ran two training runs and two races last week, for a total of 23.1 miles. That brings me up to a 2015 total thus far of over 337 miles. Which is kind of unbelievable for me because I didn’t run anything close to that for last year’s Pittsburgh Half and I also have never logged so many miles in a training cycle before, not even I don’t think, during full marathon training last year.

Recap coming this week, but it’s taking me awhile to organize my thoughts, so it’s coming later this week. But check out the bling.

race bling

Last Week in Homesteading

Nothing big on this front, with it being race week and having my weekend taken up entirely by carbs, running and exhaustion. But we are doing some garden work this week in preparation for the season, and I’m really looking forward to that. Seedlings! Yes!

Last Week in Eating

Man, I ate so many carbs last week that for the very first time in my entire life, the Monday after race week, I couldn’t look a carb in the face. There was a birthday cake in the office that looked amazing, and I couldn’t even bring myself to take a bite. All my body wanted was water and vegetables and protein.

BUT, earlier last week, my coworker and I checked out the new Market Square Grocery which has a Gaby et Jules in it. Gaby et Jules is French for Ridiculously Expensive Cookies and Pastries with Unpronounceable Names. A complete luxury and probably the only time I will go in there, but really delicious to experience at least once!

gaby et jules


The night before the Pittsburgh Half, Mark and I went on a date to Serafino’s, a homestyle Italian place in Crafton. It’s BYOB and reasonably priced and not snooty. I loved the bruschetta in particular and will definitely be back to try some of their other dishes. We got to sit outside in beautiful weather and it was a nice, relaxing way to spend the night before the race.

Last Week in Reading

I finished Dead Wake by Erik Larson on audiobook this week. Definitely good, but I preferred the second half to the first, and I think I like his other works slightly better. Still a good non-fiction experience, though. Also finished Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed and started and finished a short e-book called We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which was an adaptation of her TEDTalk.

I also started and finished Toni Morrison’s new novel, God Help the Child. This was quite good. I’m not really a ToMo fan girl, but I do like her work that I’ve read and thought it would be a good addition to my attempts to read more diversely this year.

For audio, I’m listening to Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress, which is a book of short stories. She reads at least one of them, too. That’s part of my effort to read everything in Atwood’s canon because she’s probably my favorite author. Today I’ll start Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which I’ve heard is amazing from so many people and places.

So man, a good week in reading for sure.

A good week in general, all things considered! How about you?