pea shoots

Real Life CSA: Spring, Week 2

Staples this week, which I appreciate just as much as the more obscure stuff. Some weeks, there’s a great comfort in knowing exactly what to do with the stuff when it shows up.

reallifecsa week 2

Honey will go in the pantry for granola. You can’t beat this honey – it’s my favorite, hands down. Bedillion Honey Farm, people. GET SUM.

Spinach will be a salad green addition, unless we decide to put it on pizza which we are wont to do. Because spinach and feta = pizza synergy.

These are a sure sign of spring! Been waiting for these little guys.

pea shoots

I really like pea shoots in salad and how they really do taste like peas but have the texture of greens. Love that.

Onions, in the basement for later. But likely they’ll be used up soon since we go through onions and garlic like crazy around here. That and potatoes because I’ve never seen a potato that I didn’t want to eat. (Ok, potatoes with mayo on them can leave me alone. So basically most potatoes are my favorite favorite, but not all.)


Carrots that are multi-colored are simply the best. I LOVE how they look. And how they taste, too. On salads, as per usual. This week they will add to all the colors!

We’re just about out of the Braeburn apples from last week, so the Idareds come at a good time. Moar fruit! We also have quite the stash of eggs going on since the ladies are doing their part. Thankfully these guys last forever because they are so fresh, so we don’t have to rush to eat them.