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Real Life CSA: winter share, week 9

Final winter share, though it feels like forever since I wrote about one or got one, since the winter shares are every other week and I missed the last one due to the plague. This week I nearly missed it too, but a friend was able to pick it up for me just in time. This is the last winter share, so the spring one will start up in a bit (which means there’s still time to sign up!).

Here’s what we got!

real life csa winter share 9

Lots of good staples this week, but that’s the hallmark of the winter share. Chopped tomatoes will go in the pantry, but won’t likely last long. We usually cook with canned or frozen tomatoes at least once a week, and we’re out of our home canned ones and so these are always welcome. I almost always use them to make pasta sauce.

The eggs will be added to our stash. As soon as we stocked up last time, we ended up getting more in the CSA and then our own chickens started laying again. So we have plenty.

onions resized

I love these little onions. Root cellar stash, but again, onions are items we go through constantly since they are basically the foundation of most cooking. I believe these cipollini ones are supposed to be great for roasting because they are naturally sweet. (But don’t quote me on that.) Perhaps part of some roasted vegetable medley?

Apple cider will go in my granola, for sure. I was also thinking some kind of crock pot pork would benefit from the apple cider. Maybe pulled pork for sandwiches? We’ll see.

tomatillo salsa resized

This is my favorite salsa that Penn’s Corner makes. We use it straight up on taco night (and it makes a great “dressing” for taco salad the next day), but it would probably also make a great simmer sauce. Can’t wait until we get fresh tomatillos again this summer!

Hydroponic lettuce – 2 heads this week – will be for salads, like usual. The black beans will go in the pantry, but I think it’s probably time for us to make something with our dry beans. Maybe homemade refried ones for said taco night?

This Meadowbelle cheese looks to be a hard one – I’ll need to taste it but perhaps either eaten in small pieces or grated over pasta. Every time I see a cheese that looks like this, I want to grate it over pasta. Can’t help it.


That’s it for winter. Are you ready for spring?