sick cat cuddles

last two weeks at Next Gen House

Hi there. Long time no blog.

A little vagrant called Influenza B descended upon Next Gen House. Let’s say that it was a terrible house guest, taking down Mark first and then me, spanning the course of more than two weeks. If you have never had the actual flu before, consider yourself blessed. If you have, you get it when I say it feels like a train hits you and throws you over the side of a cliff. You’re down for the count and no amount of mental toughness will allow you to function. We were sick. Really sick. I think these guys even knew it, since they were supremely cuddly. That or they liked the electric blanket.

sick cat cuddles

So I missed some stuff. A CSA share (my first one to not be able to blog since I started this!) and 7 runs in my training cycle (including two longs) and 4 days of work, a birthday party, and some beautiful weather, just to name a bit.

I’m catching up, slowly but surely. Lots of things changing in the next few weeks, with one big one coming right after Easter.

I accepted a new job. Same type of work, different industry. I have a personal policy against talking about work online, since I prefer to keep that part of my life compartmentalized. But let’s say that my previous job situation was untenable. I was suffering some serious physical side effects from stress and that margin that I’m working hard for this year was elusive. The new job is a step up for me in virtually every way, and I’m proud of myself for going after something that will help to restore more balance in that whole work/life balance paradigm. I’m really excited to see what it brings.

Now then. Here’s what was going on at Next Gen House in the last two weeks.

Last (2) Weeks in Running

As I mentioned, I missed 7 training runs due to the flu. I wrote these in my training spreadsheet as “Flu. Plague. Death.” which is pretty close to how it felt. It was very hard to be off that long from running, but it took that long for the virus to get through with its sinister work and for my lungs to clear out enough to make running and an elevated heart rate something that wouldn’t choke me.

I’m  happy to say that yesterday, I was finally able to return with a run. I managed a 4 mile run with quarter mile walks on either side of that. Check out these beastly calves.


I am modifying my training schedule for the upcoming week in light of the fact that I had no miles for 10 days at all. But I have a half marathon on Saturday that I’m still planning on running, even if I can’t really race it. Going to see what this week brings and how the running feels and then adjust my goals for Just a Short Run accordingly. Thankfully there is still time to recover my fitness in this training cycle, before the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

Last (2) Weeks in Eating and Homesteading

Two weeks of illness have brought mostly simple meals to this house, since it’s not exciting to cook something when you have to take nausea pills just to swallow it and you can’t taste it anyway. Also, virtually no homesteading type activities whatsoever (which is why I lumped them together). But with the weather breaking, I am itching to get out in our muddy yard to clean it up and get ready for spring. It will be garden season before we know it!

Last (2) Weeks in Reading

Sadly, I was so sick that during most of my illness I wasn’t reading much. Feeling so sick that I can’t even hold a book and read a paragraph is rare for me, and a small form of torture. (Not reading or running? Crazy making.)

But I finished To Kill a Mockingbird and now understand what all the fuss was about. Wow.  Finished the audio version of What If? as well, which was a fantastic audio listen with Wil Wheaton as a narrator. Listened to the entirety of a book called Missing Microbes which I might review here on the blog, since it has a lot to do with antibiotic resistance.

I also read a fair amount of graphic novels and comic trades, five total, including Captain Marvel and Rat Queens (which is SO GREAT). You can see in the photo below those two, which are part of my library holds pickup the other day. I also started the other book in the photo, A Little Life, after reading about it virtually everywhere. And somehow, I was first in line for one of the hold copies when it was released! Yay me!

library holds

So how are you? Running some miles? Reading some books?


  • Jenn @ Running on Lentils

    Wow. I have never had the flu. It sounds just awful to completely wipe you out like that. You have plenty of time to regain fitness before the race, but I bet you didn’t loose as much fitness as you thought. I’ll be doing the JASR half. I’m not racing but using it as a training run, and my main goal is to work on fueling. So I hope to see you there! Oh, and congratulations on your new job!

    • Joanna Taylor Stone

      Thanks! I’m pretty excited about the job. And running this week has gone better than I thought. It’s coming back and I think I’ll be fine to complete the JASR half this weekend. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you!