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The worse the winter, the more glorious the spring. And by spring, I mean temperatures over 32 degrees. We saw 40s this weekend and it felt so much like spring that I almost brushed the snow off my lawn chairs to sit outside with a book. Spring fever is a very real thing.

But here’s what happened last week – with one less hour to work with!

Last Week in Running

dinoI had 28 on the schedule this week, but ended up running 29 when my the core of my group decided to do 12 on Saturday. Even though the long run was kind of a slog, with difficult ice packed terrain, we kept an average pace of 11:41. I looked back in my records, and I haven’t had a run of that length at a pace that fast since 2013. And knowing how rough the terrain was and how it was still pretty cold, this run was the boost I needed to get through the next few higher mileage weeks. I am definitely improving this year and am finding my groove.

Higher temps this week will bring more outdoor runs (and hopefully the melting of the ice!), which I’m looking forward to. On Saturday we ran through the South Side a bit, and took a detour to see the Mister Rogers dinosaur – which was actually created by one of the mentors in my pace group!. Didn’t hurt to see something Mister Rogers in the last mile of a long run, since I can’t help but smile and geek out a little.

On to 34 miles this week, the highest mileage week so far. Need to continue the yoga to keep my muscles happy!

Don’t forget that I’m still raising money for the Food Bank. You can donate by using the widget in the right sidebar on the blog or visit my fundraising page directly. Every dollar counts – and multiplies by 5 with the Food Bank’s resources. A $25 donation means $125 worth of food to hungry families in our community!

Last Week in Eatingbone marrow butter

On Sunday night, we made a tomato cream sauce for pasta with shrimp. We went to the Strip to buy the shrimp specifically at Marty’s Market, since I won’t eat shrimp sourced anywhere else. While we were at Marty’s, we were perusing the gold mine of house-produced items, and the owner offered us a sample of bone marrow butter on a piece of crostini. It was so amazing, we bought a container to take home. It’s like the richest butter you could imagine, so a little dab will do you. And the pasta turned out yummy too.

We also made some of my frozen swiss chard from our garden and it seemed to cook up just fine, so with excess greens this summer I will try to do the same thing to preserve them.

I made a batch of pretzel rolls on Sunday which ended up being twice the size I expected. The yeast was crazy active, I guess. That and the recipe was probably wrong about portions. Either way, they are more suited for sandwiches than anything else, but they are my preferred pre-run fuel. So now the freezer is stocked for the next month!

One of the evenings last week we had plans that were cancelled for bad weather, so we had to wing it for dinner. I had a very long day at work and wanted comfort food, which for me always involves potatoes. So I came home and roasted up some of the potatoes we got this week in the CSA with some garlic and parmesan, and used some of the Steel City Salt Company Peruvian Pink salt that Mark had given me for Christmas. Delicious! I can’t wait to try the smoked salt.

sea salt potatoes

Last Week in Homesteading

Kombucha is going strong, with a SCOBY forming with no mold for the first time all winter. Christmas lights are working!

While cooking dinner last night, I heard the chickens start making a racket, but it sounded like what one of them does when she wants to announce that she’s laid, so I didn’t think much of it. Mark looked out the window a minute later and a hawk was perched on our compost pile while the chickens were cowering under one of the big bushes along our garage. He went outside to scare the hawk away and the chickens finally got brave enough to leave the bush and go home to roost an hour or so later.

I know we can’t avoid predators like hawks – it’s the circle of life and all that. It’s the price we pay for letting the chickens run around outside like they want to. But I am glad we did not have to deal with losing a chicken last night, that’s for sure. Stupid federally protected hawks!

Last Week in Reading

To be honest, every week that I get to read is a good week in reading.

I finished a few trade volumes of some new comics, including one called Marvels that takes place in the Marvel universe but from the point of view of the New Yorkers that all of the sudden are supposed to believe that seeing the Human Torch is just normal. I also went through a bunch of first issues that I got for my birthday to determine which ones I’d like to keep reading – which ended up being all but one, of course.

I decided to bail on the audio version of Man in the High Castle since the narrator was just not holding my interest and I was wasting time having to go back to repeat sections. I’m going to finish that one in print, but for now my audiobook is What If? by Randall Monroe, the creator of XKCD. I’m listening to it on Scribd and it’s narrated by Wil Wheaton, which is the perfect pairing of narrator and book.

I’m reading a book on fermenting called Fermented Vegetables: From Arugula Kimchi to Zucchini Curry, a Complete Guide to Fermenting More Than 80 Herbs and Vegetables for an online book club.

I also started To Kill a Mockingbird this week on Kindle. It wasn’t part of my curriculum in high school, and I think by the time I got to college and grad school, people already assumed that every American student read it. So I managed to get a master’s in English without reading it. Because I’m fascinated by Harper Lee and the news that a new book of hers is coming out this year, I decided it was time to read it. So I pushed it forward on my list and I understood within a few pages why this book is what it is in our culture. If I was reading it in print, I’d be scribbling all over it.

to kill a mockingbird

I know the Kindle has a highlight feature and places to enter notes and whatnot, but it’s definitely not the same as being able to scribble notes in your own writing. I wonder if someday people will archive authors’ Kindle marginalia. Would it still be called marginalia?

Deep thoughts for a Monday.

  • http://runningonlentils.blogspot.com/ Jenn @ Running on Lentils

    Awesome pace on your long run! Great that you are seeing & feeling the progress. I’m glad you got the hawk away from your chickens!