Real Life CSA: winter share, week 7

I can’t believe that after so many years getting a CSA share that I’m still finding new items that I’ve never had before. But 7 shares into the winter, and several years into a CSA program, we got something new this week!

Real Life CSA winter 7

The produce is solid this week – good staples that I always like to receive. Carrots never stay around long in our house, since we eat a decent amount of salad and we also like them as snacks. Lettuce also goes in the salad, too. I love this hydroponic lettuce we’re getting and I’m amazed at how they can grow so much in that way. I need to visit a farm doing hydroponics sometime because it fascinates me.


I was psyched to get this applesauce, especially because it’s just regular flavor. Mark likes cinnamon in his, but I absolutely do not (even though I like cinnamon just fine in other things). So I already have some of this packed in my lunch for today! Don’t need to bake with it or find a way to eat it other than just straight up.

The potatoes will join the root cellar bunch and be stored for a bit. But I bet you can guess what I’ll do with them!

strawberry jam

Strawberry jam is not something we have a shortage of in our house, because it’s one of our favorite things to can each year. So since we have enough of our own jam, I was thinking it might be fun to make hamantaschen with this jam. Hamantaschen are those triangle pastry cookies with different fillings that are supposed to represent the hat of Haman, the bad guy of Purim whose plans to kill the Jews were foiled by Mordecai and Esther. And they’re just yummy.

Cabbage will go in the fridge for the moment, but I was thinking cabbage rolls or one of those unstuffed cabbage roll casseroles. Probably something I should go to Pinterest for, eh?

Eggs are welcome, even though we got some from the farm stand this week and even though one of our hens has been laying a little. Mark’s got them for breakfasts and I have them for baking, the very little that I’m doing of that right now.


The new item this week? Oats! I immediately thought granola when I got these, but I think instead it would be better to use them for actual oatmeal, because I’m really curious about the taste of these oats as compared to the ones I buy in bulk at the store. And what better way to taste actual oats than oatmeal?

Winter subscribers, what are you doing with your CSA share?