National CSA Sign Up Day is Feb. 28!

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of community supported agriculture (CSA). I wrote a full post about it two years ago , and the same reasons I loved it then hold true today. Every week I write about what we receive in our share and give some thoughts as to how we’re going to use the items that week and how it fits into our life. Being a member of a CSA allows me to give monetary support where my mouth is – if you want local farms to thrive and for alternative food systems to industrial agriculture to flourish, buying a CSA share is a great way to do that. I like knowing that my CSA is not just good for me – with its high quality fruits, vegetables and other food products – but that it’s good for my community and good for my neighbors.

National CSA Sign-Up Day is tomorrow – February 28. Why in the dead of winter? Because this is the time that farms are making the plans and investments they need for the upcoming grow season. This is the time we show our support, so that we reap the benefits when the sun actually comes back. (I believe in farmers because they believe winter will end, even when I don’t!)


Right now, we’re members of Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance and we also purchase items through their farm stand, most of those items being from Clarion River Organics, which also provides a CSA. You can see what we get in our shares (and all shares dating back to the beginning of this blog) by clicking on “Real Life CSA” at the top of the blog.

Here are some local CSAs to consider:

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance (giving a $10 discount for sign-ups for National CSA Sign-Up Day)

Clarion River Organics (all organic)

Edible Earth Farm (all organic)

Also check out the 2014 PASA CSA Guide from Edible Allegheny. 2015 isn’t released yet, but you can find info on the farms and check up on them yourself.

For people outside of western PA, check out Local Harvest. (There are more than 6,000 CSAs nationwide!)

CSAs are good for your health and good for the community – as well as the future of both. Consider what share size is right for you and where a pickup location is convenient and give it a try this year!


  • Amber de Almeida

    Fabulous! We’re signing up tomorrow :-)