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Real Life CSA: winter share, week 6

I picked up my CSA share in a snow squall yesterday, so I feel like I get some extra bonus points – especially because I didn’t bring the right bag and had to walk out of the museum where I pick it up with lettuce in my arms. Keeping it real.

Here’s what we got this week!

Real Life CSA Winter 6


I think I might try drinking the apple cider warm, especially because of the frigid temperatures. Haven’t really wanted to drink it much cold this year – probably because I’ve been trained to not consume beverages that contain calories and to basically drink water all the time. But I really do like cider, so maybe I just need to revisit it.

Sweet potatoes and onions went down to the root cellar but I doubt the sweet potatoes will hang out there very long. The last time I roasted sweet potatoes, they were melt in your mouth delicious, so I can see that happening again. Have I ever mentioned that I adore roasted vegetables? Heh.

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I’m excited to have another jar of salsa, since this type in particular – Farmers Market – is really good for recipes that call for a jar of salsa. We make a crockpot recipe with black beans, corn and cream cheese that calls for a jar and this one works great. We eat a decent amount of salsa in our house because Taco Tuesday is a thing on a regular basis. So even though we can our own, it’s nice to add to the stash.

I think with the hot pepper jelly, I’ll make this pork dish again. We really liked it and it’s a great alternative to just eating it as part of an appetizer.

Lettuce will go in salads, as usual. (Even more delicious because it was carried delicately in my arms.)

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I’ve got to make another batch of granola this week, so I was happy to get some extra honey from Bedillion Honey Farm. No honey from the store can beat local honey – no matter how fancy it looks.

I am inclined to make a pasta dish with the goat cheese, but this recipe that Penn’s Corner linked to for Baked Goat Cheese with Roasted Tomatoes sounds amazeballs. And I could see myself sitting in front of the fireplace with a giant baguette, eating this.

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Not sure what my favorite roasted vegetable is – probably couldn’t pick just one. But rutabegas are up on the top. I roasted them with parsnips and blue potatoes last week and they were delicious. I usually roast with olive oil, but this recipe for brown butter roasted rutabegas looks great too.

AH, radishes. The vegetable I mildly enjoy and never really get around to effectively using. This week! This week! Going to pickle them, I think.

That’s it for this share. Stay warm and roast something!