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Real Life CSA: winter share, week 5

Since this is our fifth share, we’re now 10 weeks into the winter share. Which feels like a long time, but winter itself feels even longer. At the moment, I feel like it’s never going to get warm again. But it’s okay. Want to know why? Three words.

Honey. Puffed. Corn.

Let’s get to it.

Real Life CSA Winter Share 5

This is one probably my favorite share we’ve received so far this winter, because it has multiple squee worthy items. Let’s start with the fact that the farm eggs are very welcome, due to our own chickens not laying (much). We have purchased them from the online farm stand before, but it’s nice to get more in our share.

The ivory lace cheese is Havarti-style. I think the last time we had this kind we used it in paninis or grilled cheese. So perhaps that’s in our dinner future.

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These chopped tomatoes are one of my favorite of the Penn’s Corner value-added items (their canned goods). I think especially when we get to February and winter is being brutal, there’s nothing more delicious than good tomatoes, and this is the closest we can get to fresh ones. That’s why the focus of our canning and freezing every year is tomatoes – because it’s the number one thing we use in cooking. Most of my best pasta sauces (vodka and amatriciana, primarily) have chopped tomatoes as a base. So this will hang out in the pantry for probably less than a week.

Blue potatoes and red onions will go with our basement root cellar stash, which has been great. Though seeing the red onions makes me want to make salsa and fajitas. And the blue potatoes I especially love for their color. And they might be delicious roasted with these babies:

parsnips resized

Parsnips. Love them. Had never eaten these things until I got them in a CSA share years ago and I was missing out. I think roasted, they are like candy. Yeah, that solidifies it. Roasted blue potatoes and parsnips coming up this week.

We’ve already got some polenta from Weatherbury in the pantry, so adding some more means we need to make some polenta this week, too. Penn’s Corner gave us this recipe link for Spoon Bread, so that might work. As would this polenta with roasted mushrooms.

Lettuce will go in salad, like usual. It was cool to get two different kinds this week, too. Can’t say no to fresh greens. And the apples? I am STILL eating an apple every day in my lunch and have not grown tired of this. But I was about out of my farm stand stash, so this is another well timed share.

Last but not least. My great CSA love. The honey puffed corn.

honey puffed corn resized

I just love this stuff. I would pretty much forsake any other snack items (including popcorn, which if you know me, that’s crazy town) for the rest of my life if I could have a steady stream of honey puffed corn from Clarion River Organics. This is not even hyperbole. I’ve been watching for it in the online farm stand every week. It’s really hard to share. I’m pretty sure Mark rarely gets any of this stuff, which might qualify me as a bad wife. But sorry not sorry.

So what are you eating and making lately? Favorite food item to get you through the winter?