Real Life CSA: winter share, week 4

Super late with this, since this stuff has been in my house for almost a week now. But late is the name of the game right now, so here we go!

We’re into the fourth share of our winter CSA, and I love that we got two packages of fresh greens when we’re still in the dead of winter.

Real Life CSA - Winter share 4


The lettuce is already gone, of course, eaten in salads like usual. We also ate these delicious pea shoots in the same salad. I love these things and need more of them in my life.

pea shoots resized


We haven’t had green cabbage in awhile, so I’m thinking either cabbage rolls or haluski. Let’s be honest, probably haluski, since there is nothing I love more than butter, noodles and other stuff mixed together.

Onions are added to our root cellar stash. I love the onions we get in the CSA and that I get from the Farm Stand, primarily because they taste delicious but also because they don’t make my eyes burninate like the onions from the store do. I wonder why that is, but I’m a little too lazy to Google it right now.

We have taco night frequently enough that I think I should make a batch of slow cooker refried beans from these Weatherbury black beans.

black beans resized


The maple syrup is added to our pantry stash, though I’m thinking we should make something with a maple glaze. Like pork or carrots. Maybe?

We have a backup of apple cider right now, but I used some to make granola this week. Maybe we need to just start doing daily shots of apple cider to move through it more quickly. Part of our problem using it up quickly is that we just drink a lot of water. We’re a water drinking house and we never think to pour a glass of cider when we go to the fridge. Maybe I need to cut the apple cider with some sparkling water and make myself a non-alcoholic morning cocktail.

For this apple butter, I might research some baked goods you can make with it. I keep thinking that might be a way to eat it that isn’t slathering it on toast, which we aren’t really likely to do. Either that or cooked down into a glaze. I’m apparently into glazes this week!

apple butter resized


The ginger hangs out in the fridge until the next time we make an Asian dish, so while I don’t have a specific use for it right now, I am sure to pretty soon.

As for the beets, the opposite is true, so they were donated like usual. There’s another chance for beets somewhere in my future, but it’s not right now.

So what fresh food are you eating when it’s a frozen tundra outside?