Apples resized

Real Life CSA: winter share, week 3

For some reason, I can’t get it through my head that the winter shares are larger because they are every two weeks. Because I go to pick up my share and think “my goodness! the bounty!” (Yeah, I’ve been watching a lot of BBC/Masterpiece Theater productions of Bronte novels lately.)

So here’s what we got in the third share. (The first one that feels like a winter share, due to the fact that we’re experiencing our first hardcore winter weather.)

Lots of awesome staples!

Real Life CSA Winter share 3
The lettuce will go in salads, like usual. I made thumbprint cookies the last time we had rhubarb jam, but I don’t know if I’ll do that again or just eat this with bread. Or maybe ice cream.  Even in frigid temperatures, I’m thinking about ice cream.

salsa resized

I was really excited that we got this tomatillo salsa, because we don’t usually have it hanging around long. I love it on taco nights, but it also makes a great “dressing” for taco salads – the only type of dressing I like on salads at all. Really flavorful and not super spicy.

The potatoes, squash and shallots will go in our basement stores. Not super exciting, I know. But it’s super exciting to have this stuff on hand when we need it. And when it comes to potatoes, I need them in my life on a regular basis.

Apples resized
I’ve been loving the apples this season. It’s January and I’m still not sick of eating them just as they are. So far, my apple a day HAS kept the doctor away. Two plagues have swept through my life and I have yet to catch them. I know this wasn’t entirely due to the apples, but that whole healthy foods thing can’t hurt.

I don’t remember how this Temptation cheese tastes. (Do I need to keep a cheese log?) We will likely taste it and then decide how to use it.

Carrots will go in our fridge stash, but we go through them fast between salads, soups, stews, pizza night snacks and broth making. Love them.

Eggs resized
I’m glad we got some eggs this time too. Our chickens haven’t been laying since the fall, so we’ve needed to purchase eggs for the first time since we got our little flock. Always good to get farm ones!

Watermelon radishes. Well, let’s be honest. I forgot about pickling the last ones we had and they ended up in the compost. (Sad trombone.) Going to try to get it done for these ones!

What are you getting in your winter CSAs?