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Star Trek Quiet Book


I’ve been pretty absent from this space for the past several weeks, due in most part to this project, which took up all of my available free time from early December through Christmas Day. (Literally, finished it about an hour before my family arrived on Christmas.)

The project? A Star Trek themed quiet book for my almost three-year-old niece.

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It’s almost entirely hand-sewed, with the exception of most of the pages being machine sewed together (in lines that aren’t straight! hooray!). I bought the pattern here, after someone sent me a link to this blog awhile ago. My niece is finally old enough to be able to really play with a quiet book, so I thought Christmas would be a good time to finish it.

I’m pretty proud of how it came out, considering that I’ve sewed nothing but a t-shirt blanket before. There are definitely things I’d do differently if I made a second one. And I think I used the wrong needles on my sewing machine for felt, which led to having to hot glue the last couple pages together at the last minute. But all in all, I’m glad I was able to translate my love of Star Trek to this handmade gift.

Here’s a look at the inside pages.

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It looks like this page says “Meet me crew” from the angle that I took the photo, but it actually says Meet the Crew. These are doors to the holodeck. Open it up, and you get…

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Finger puppets! The whole crew is there, including the two ladies that I added to the pattern in the name of accuracy and gender equality. From left: Commander Riker, Counselor Troi, Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant LaForge, Dr. Crusher, Lieutenant Worf and Captain Picard. (I used their rankings as of the beginning of the show, knowing that some of them move up in rank as the show and movies went on. Details, you know.)

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The hole at the bottom of the hand is big enough to slip a tiny hand in.

quiet book page 5 resized

Worf’s bat’leth spins on the button.

quiet book page 7 resized

The saucer section stays on the page while the battle bridge separates on a snap that you can’t see in this photo. This page took forever, since each of the layers of the saucer are hand sewed together.

quiet book page 6 resized

All Star Trek TNG fans recognize Geordi’s visor, though the order of these photos makes it seem like you help Geordi see by removing the visor. Which is not true. Without his visor, you see his foggy (creepy) white eyes. In any case, the visor attaches with snaps.

quiet book page 8 resized

The original pattern uses “set phasers to kill” since these little gray things are floating probes to destroy. But this book is for a three-year-old, so I didn’t want to use ‘kill’ because that nuance is lost (that you aren’t hitting a human). So I changed it to ‘stun.’ When you remove the probe, you see the little explosion left behind.

Each of these buttons are from my grandma’s button container (my niece’s great-grandma). I’m glad I was able to incorporate something of her in the book.

quiet book page 9 resized

I love this page because it was fun to sew a path for the shuttle. Though it’s crooked as all get out, including the pocket. Straight lines are not my forte. Have I said that before?

quiet book page 10 resized

This page was also time consuming because of the tiny clothes all being hand sewed, as well as Picard’s body which is underneath his Locutus of Borg outfit in this photo. When you’re ready to de-Borgify him, you can put on his regular uniform (attached with velcro).

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I need a little break from sewing for a bit to catch up here and on some reading that I neglected in the last few weeks. But then I’ll be back at it again, working on my skills (and getting new machine needles!). Going to do Mark’s t-shirt blanket next, but after that? No idea. Definitely want to incorporate at least some sewing into my week though, since I found it to be really calming.

While I sewed the quiet book, I devoured podcasts, including all of Serial and many episodes of Book Riot. So not only did the project cement my interest in sewing, but it introduced me to more great media to consume. (Now I just need to find someone else who listened to Serial so we can talk about it! Ah!)


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