Real Life CSA: winter share, week 2

We’re in the second week of the winter share, and I’m kind of amazed that we got something that I’ve never received before in years of being a CSA subscriber and have not to my recollection ever eaten in my life. Penn’s Corner wins again for variety!

Real Life CSA Winter Share 2 resize

Can I tell you how awesome it is to see SO MUCH GREEN in this winter share? A third of the items this share are greens. (Disregard all the citrus hanging out on the kitchen island behind the share. I have no time to clear the island before I take photos. I’m not that classy.)

It’s such a myth that all winter CSA shares in climates where plants die/go to sleep from November – April are all turnips and onions. I love turnips and onions and would always welcome them in a CSA share, but it’s so great to get fresh greens mid-December.

Speaking of the greens, check out this spinach.

spinach resize

This might make it into salads, joining the bibb lettuce, but I kind of feel like I might like it wilted in pasta or on a pizza. Maybe I’m wanting carbs because I’m ready to hibernate for the winter?

The sweet potatoes will go with our root cellar stash. and the beets will go out the door to Mark’s beet-loving colleague. If you don’t like it share it!

mushrooms resize

Mushrooms from Wild Purveyors always make me squeee. They are always so delicious and fresh – probably because they’re sourced in the wild, locally. They also offer a lot of other stuff, but the mushrooms are stellar. Maybe we’ll make marsala with these. (We have a running joke about cooking chicken marsala for Mark’s roommate when we were dating. He was amazed that we basically destroyed the kitchen with dishes and mess, and then cooked him this amazing meal – the best marsala he said he ever had. I kind of feel like we should invite his former roommate and his wife over for dinner to share these.) If we don’t make them as an ingredient in another dish, I might just make them like the Penn’s Corner blog suggests – roasted with garlic and butter. Yes, please.

The goat cheese this round is flavored with dill and garlic, so Mark suggested we eat it on crackers, maybe as an appetizer. If I ate omelets, it sounds like something that would go well in those too.  Or maybe mixed in mashed potatoes.

Fuji apples are Mark’s favorite kind, so he will likely be excited to eat these in lunches. I have not yet grown tired with apples as a snack at work, so these will be great for me too. I always throw around the idea of baking with them, and then I just want to eat them plain.

I’ve been wanting zuppa toscana for awhile, so I will likely use the kale in that. The cold weather not only makes me want carbs, but soups. Ones with cream and potatoes and kale and sausage, apparently. Ginger appears in a lot of the Asian dishes we make, so I’m sure we’ll use it for something along those lines. Maybe a noodle dish or a stir fry.

And finally we come to the new vegetable – the one I can’t ever remember eating or receiving before. The sunchoke, or Jerusalem artichoke.

sunchokes resize

The Penn’s Corner blog says these have the texture of a water chestnut, which is fantastic for me because I am that weirdo who always loved water chestnuts as the best part of that frozen bag o’ stir fry mix. No idea why.

Going to do some research on these babies and figure out how I want to make them for my first tasting. Any ideas?

That was the last share for 2014 – two weeks off for the holidays, so the next share is January 7.  Thankfully we have quite the root cellar going on right now with all manner of veggies to keep us busy!