t-shirt blanket resize

sewing a t-shirt blanket

I did it. After my initial hesitation with sewing, I jumped in on the t-shirt blanket project, in hopes that I’d be able to finish it by Christmas. I surpassed my expectations and had it finished by Thanksgiving!

I started cutting the squares for it and attaching the fusible interfacing back in the summer, so  they were all ready to go, waiting for the machine. (I can’t believe I just used the words fusible interfacing in a sentence.)

I laid them all out on a “flat” surface – the bed in our spare room (which doubles as my work surface). And started sewing them together, one at a time, putting the “good” sides together.

t-shirts resize

Once I had five rows of t-shirts, I sewed them together. Which was harder than it seemed, since the pieces started to get really large to pull through straight in the machine. I made use of a lot of my grandma’s quilting pins and stabbed myself not less than 400 times. But I somehow managed to get them together into a big block. Slightly crooked in places, but together nonetheless.

For the backing, I used an extra flat sheet that we had on hand, which was the match to a fitted sheet that had holes in it. I’m so glad I kept it, because it ended up being a good one-piece back. Pinning the back on and sewing the blanket around the outside was the hardest part. A lot of exasperated groans trying to get the thing through the machine.

But I did it. Turned it inside out, closed up the hole with the most crooked line of stitches ever. (I showed Mark the crooked seam and said, I call this the Go Home, You’re Drunk, Seam. You can borrow that name for your sewing projects too.)

Then it was time to tie the squares to the backing by using some yarn. I found some white yarn in my grandma’s desk, so I used that, as well as one of her needles that was called a “yarn darner.” Why? Because it said yarn and it seemed like it would poke through the layers. I’m a problem solver like that.

So after what felt like a thousand ties, I had this.

t-shirt blanket resize

It’s hard to see all of the squares, since the blanket is slightly larger than this queen bed, but it looks nice from a distance! I washed it once to get the interfacing to loosen up a bit, and have been using it on the couch ever since.

I love a lot of the t-shirts that are in the blanket for various reasons, but this one wins the prize for most ironic.

bacon t-shirt resize

A bacon t-shirt from Think Geek’s random t-shirt bag – that I managed to get grease stains on. I felt like it had to go in the quilt with its grease stains because it was just too funny.

And then one of my favorite t-shirts in the blanket, the one that was my grandma’s. I somehow got this t-shirt of hers, and it had a hole in it, so I didn’t really wear it. Plus it was hard thinking about wearing it anyway. So I put it in the blanket – the first sewing project I made and the first with her machine (and her yarn!).

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So now it’s on to make a second t-shirt blanket for Mark, who is the king of t-shirts. But first, I’m working on a secret project for Christmas, which I think will blow some socks off, but will also take every moment of free time I have from now until December 25. Good thing I already met my reading goal for the year!