Real Life CSA: week 31

We’re down to the next to the last share for the main season. (This was the share for November 12, which I’m just now posting due to life.)

Real Life CSA Week 31

Somehow a lot of the items feel like fall, but it most definitely feels like winter out there.

Let’s start with the beets. You know those will go to a beet-friendly home or the beet-friendly compost pile. Carrots will get used up in all the regular ways – salads, mirepoix base, etc.

butternut resized

I have another butternut squash in the root cellar, so I think I’ll combine the two and make some winter squash chowder with a recipe from one of my America’s Test Kitchen Light & Healthy Cookbooks. I love those cookbooks because they have lighter food without using stupid diet ingredients or such disgusting abominations as fat free cheese.

I’ll add the potatoes to the root cellar to hang out with previous weeks’ haul. I’m hesitant to freeze the apple cider since we already have some frozen and I don’t want to contribute to my pantry/freezer problem. So I’m going to try to use it up fresh, perhaps with a glaze of some kind. (Carrots? Pork chops? Hmmm.)

nov kale resized

Isn’t kale a cool looking vegetable up close? I have taken to just throwing kale into any dish I’m making that would be fine with added greens. The lasagna soup with kale added in was a delicious success. Whatever’s not used in the winter squash chowder will hang out for the next dish that could use some wilted greens.

I’m thinking that we should use these leeks on a pizza, maybe with mushrooms. I love potato leek soup, but I don’t want that to be the only dish we make with leeks.

celeriac resized

Last but not least, we have mandrakes. I mean, celeriac. This time, the greens didn’t come with them, which was actually helpful since I have zero room in my fridge right now for the space the greens take up. These will likely get roasted up with some other root vegetables.

After I shave them, that is.