Real Life CSA: week 15

The first word I think of when I consider this week’s share is HAUL – a big share this week, with lots of the basics.

At the moment, we have beans coming out our ears. Not only do we have this produce coming in, but we have bags of produce from my family’s garden that isn’t quite enough for canning but is a lot for my fridge. I might make a summer salad with the extra beans, and possibly freeze the rest.

New this week is basil, which made my car pretty fragrant yesterday. Fresh basil is delish, and since mine is still only barely surviving after the great scorch of 2014, this will be a welcome addition. Of course there’s a million ways to use basil, but my favorite is pasta. (Let’s be honest, my favorite is always pasta.)

Carrots, cucumbers and lettuce will be salad elements, like usual. We also have an abundance of cucumbers, but I’m planning on making a batch of refrigerator pickles to use some of them up. 

Swiss chard is typically a side dish in our house because I adore it. Probably my favorite green and one of my favorite vegetables. But this week, since we have some in the CSA and some coming up in the garden, I am up for trying something new. Probably these Rick Bayless tacos. (We are big Rick Bayless fans in this house. His enchilada sauce is amazeballs.) That recipe can also be used for kale and collards, if you have an excess of those!

But meanwhile, enjoy the lovely colors.

Blueberries will be eaten straight, and likely right away. Berries never sit long in this house. The onions will hang out and be ingredients in various dishes. Before I started cooking, I never dreamed I’d be the type of person who always had onions and garlic in the house, ready for cooking. 

Speaking of garlic, we got a head this week of fresh garlic. Because it hasn’t been cured (like the garlic you’d get in the store), it needs to be refrigerated. It doesn’t store as long as cured garlic, but it stores long enough for it to be used up this week in various preparations.

Zucchini will join more zucchini from my family as well as some yellow squash for a lot of roasting – most of it in foil packets over a camp fire (!) I also found this recipe yesterday that Smitten Kitchen just posted for a zucchini and squash gratin, which looks fantastic and will likely be made next week if we continue to have an abundance of them.

Potatoes will likely be a side – maybe even par-boiled and grilled? At least with potatoes, the possibilities are endless!

What’s in your CSA this week? Any good recipes to share?

  • soleforthesoul

    These weekly updates really make me regret not going with a CSA this summer. I hadn’t been happy with ours (Clarion River Organics) two years ago, but I think they must’ve been having a rough season. Your hauls always look awesome and huge. Last summer I grew some of my own things and this year I’m sad because I didn’t plan!

    • Joanna Taylor Stone

      We’ve been CSA subscribers for years, but we switched from Krestchmann’s to Penn’s Corner this year for the convenience of pick up locations and our desire to get slightly more variety. I know that even when we were with the same farm each year, the shares really did vary, since some years were better for some crops than others. Penn’s Corner is also really working out for us because we can supplement with their online farm stand – which is where I get my bread and butter jalapenos that are like crack!