Real Life CSA: week 13

As much as I loved vacation, I am happy to be back to eating food at home, and that includes the CSA! 

First things first – we don’t like beets. So we’re not dealing with them and instead giving them to Mark’s co-worker who will appreciate them. There are very few vegetables that we don’t really like (and to be fair, Mark likes them more than I do, but that’s still not much). But when they happen to show up from time to time, we always find good homes for them.

But before I give them away, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how cool beet greens look.

Okay, on to the stuff that we’ll eat at Next Gen House this week. Lettuce and green onions will be for salads, as usual. Might use the green onions as enchilada topping this weekend, too. They are versatile AND delicious.

Speaking of salads, this cucumber will join the onions as a topper this week. Cucumbers are one of my favorite toppers. We typically cut up a bunch of toppings and put them in separate containers for easy salad fixing, both on salad night and through the week. Pro tip – when storing cucumbers, cut it in half and scrape the seeds out. Then chop it into pieces for salads. Will reduce the water content and also let it stay crisp and fresh longer.

Let’s not forget the zucchini next to it. So excited for our first one of the season, so I’m not sure what we’ll do with it, but there’s a good chance it could end up on the grill tonight.  

Garlic scapes might end up in mashed potatoes or a pesto. We still have a few leftover from a previous share to use up as well.

I think I might make some kind of soup this week with the kale. I am thinking of a Zuppa Toscana Olive Garden knock-off – perhaps this one from Pioneer Woman (ugh).

Also pretty excited about this rhubarb jam. I wonder what it would taste like in thumbprint cookies and I wonder if I’ll have time to find out this weekend…

Last but not least, when I see savoy cabbage, I immediately think of this amazing recipe for sea bass with a mango slaw. We might have to buy some Barramundi this weekend. (Barramundi is a type of sea bass that’s responsibly and sustainably farmed in the U.S. It’s one of Seafood Watch‘s “best choices”. For more info on why we’re trying to eat sustainable seafood, check out these posts.) 

What’s in your share this week? Any ideas on how you’re going to use it?