stones on a boat: Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

After a completely crazy week leading up to it, we took a few days of much needed vacation last week and headed off to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. We were there for just under 4 days and I was reluctant to leave. I’m still in denial that vacation is over. I mean, who wouldn’t, if you spent a few days waking up to this?

We rented a house boat with 6 other friends and spent our time tooling around the most gorgeous lake I’ve ever seen in weather that couldn’t have been better. No rain the entire time we were there, and sunny skies with low humidity. 

Probably the best part about this vacation was how much of an actual vacation it was. Having a few days off of the internet and not using my phone was nice. I posted a few photos to Instagram, fully intending to record the vacation that way. But after the first sunrise I saw, I turned the phone off and forgot about it.  

We didn’t even know what time it actually was most days, since we were in and out of time zones, bouncing back and forth between Eastern and Central. I read several books, got some sun, swam in the lake and even jumped off the top deck of the boat a few times.

Mark and one of our friends got to fish, but they released what they caught since none of them were “legal” size. Each night we moored in a different cove and got to watch the sun set on the lake.

While I’ll mostly be back to regularly scheduled programming this week, I know my thoughts will likely often be at the lake. (It’s taken me a couple of days to realize I’m not on a boat when I wake up in the night and think I’m swaying.) The houseboat was a fantastic idea and we are highly likely to go back. 

My preference would be tomorrow.

  • soleforthesoul

    Oh my gosh, that houseboat looks like so much fun!!! Gorgeous pics! :)

    • Joanna Taylor Stone

      It’s definitely one of my favorite places I’ve visited. I’m usually someone who likes to vacation in a city, but this was a welcome respite!