my backyard oasis

When someone says “backyard oasis”, you probably think they mean a yard you would find on HGTV – some fancy landscaped place with some kind of fountain and lush gardens. Well, this is mine.

Our deck has never been really used since we moved into this house, on account of the fact that the previous owners didn’t take care of the wood, and so it’s kind of a mess of splinters and shards. So we’ve ignored it in favor of the cement patio, where we have a table and chairs, and do most of our outdoor entertaining. 

But this year I was wanting to use that space more, because I wanted to use some of it to house my herb pots, and also because I wanted a space to sit outside that was comfortable and that the chickens didn’t have access to, so I could be in peace. 

We moved the grill out of the way and off to the first corner, in an easily accessible spot that doesn’t block the rest of the deck. Put a pair of flip flops by the back door so my feet don’t get splinters. Bought two plastic Adirondack chairs at Lowe’s. Added these deck boxes – ones we previously had with the brackets moved to accommodate their size. 

I also decided to try hanging baskets again. I tried them two years ago and couldn’t keep them alive, but I’m giving it a shot again.

Mark also bought me a lily (my favorite flower) with my favorite colors (the colors of the sun – red, yellow and orange).

Now that I have colorful flowers, fragrant herbs and comfy chairs, I just add my coffee, a book and myself and it’s my backyard oasis. 

  • Jonelle Cosgrove