touring red eagle distillery

We spent the weekend in Geneva, Ohio with friends for a friend’s wedding. While we were in town for the weekend, we checked out some local wineries, which are fine, but not being a fan of sweet wine, most of the stuff we tried didn’t exactly float my boat. 

But one place in particular stuck out and was definitely worth the visit – Red Eagle Distillery.

They make three of their own spirits – a rye whiskey, a bourbon and a vodka. While the whiskey is obviously made from rye, the bourbon is made from various grains (primarily corn, which is why it’s a bourbon) and the vodka from grapes. 

We did the tasting option for all three, and I was surprised at how much I didn’t hate it – only because I’m not a hard liquor person, typically. Maybe I like micro-distilleries like I like micro-breweries – the small batch and artisinal quality make the difference? Anyway, the vodka intrigued me the most, especially as our knowledgeable bar tender / tasting expert explained how you can make vodka out of many things, but they make it from grapes, since the same people who own Red Eagle own the next door South River Winery.

I ended up choosing a vodka cocktail to drink, and Mark had a bourbon cocktail. It was a cloudy day, but warm enough to hang outside on their patio. Though honestly, check out this amazing interior. Just beautiful. Made me want to have a party.

Red Eagle also serves craft beers on tap, including a stout that was aged in bourbon barrels. Between the cocktails and the beers, there was definitely something for everyone, and it was a great alternative to most places in that area that only serve wines. Had we more time, we probably would have stayed for a second drink!

If you’re ever in the area, definitely give Red Eagle a visit!