meet Vader. (yep, another cat.)

It was a pet-filled weekend at Next Gen House.

Sadly, Winter isn’t living with us anymore. Long story short, he had a polyp removed from his ear right before we got him several weeks ago, and we thought everything was taken care of. After a couple weeks, we noticed that he was withdrawn and his ear was bleeding a lot. It was a recurrence of the polyp – so aggressive that it had grown to larger than its original size in just three weeks. Because it was so soon after the adoption, the agency took him back in order to get him the medical care that he needs. It broke my heart to see him go and to see him suffering with his ear, but it was the right decision for his quality of life and best interest. Poor little buddy was only our cat for three weeks, but we will miss him.

But Stormy isn’t alone as the only dark lord in the house, because we introduced this guy – one of his littermates who still needed a home. Meet Vader.

It was a rough first day because he basically gorged himself on Stormy’s food, which his digestive tract was not ready to handle after being on different food at the pet store where he was placed. Let’s be frank. A lot of our Saturday was spent cleaning poop. But his stomach seemed to settle right down after that and we haven’t had any other issues. 

He’s got a lovely white coat with an orange striped tail and orange ears, plus one small orange spot on his back. He and Stormy are already plotting their dark deeds together. (I know that’s what they’re doing when they’re playing and grooming each other.) It’s weird how quickly he’s acclimated – he’s sitting on the window seat next to me right now and it’s kind of like he’s always been here, even though it’s been less than 48 hours.

Vader and Stormy will probably make frequent appearances on Instagram, so follow me @nextgenhouse to see photos of their adventures (evil plots).

  • Elizabeth

    Gahhh so cute!!