meet our newest feline family member: Winter

This week, Winter came to our house. (Yes, there’s a bad pun there, since the snow and frigid temperatures returned too.) Winter’s our new cat, who is Stormy’s pal, having been orphaned together. We adopted Stormy last month, and Winter got to come home to stay with us this week. 

Winter is entirely white, and odd-eyed (one green and one blue). White cats often have a genetic abnormality that causes deafness, which Winter does have. It’s amazing to watch how he compensates for that, primarily with a strong sniffer. He is easily startled if you show up out of nowhere in his line of site, but he can feel vibrations in the floor and knows a bit of kitty sign-language. (!)

The first evening he hung out in the Fortress of Solitude (behind the Christmas boxes in the basement) and on top of the cabinet where we keep the cat food. But by the next morning, he was out and about and this morning, his second day, he’s curled up at my feet as I write this. I think he’s acclimating pretty well, though, as evidenced by his crawling slowly on top of Stormy last night when he was curled up on the couch. 

Stormy was a pretty good sport about it and only hissed at him once. They seem to be getting along, which is nice. Since they already “knew” each other, they took a few sniffs when they were reunited and pretty much walked away unphased. 

So now we have two feline friends. I can’t wait to see how they interact with each other (and us) over time. So far, they are attention hogs and we are more than willing to dish it out.

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    sooo gorgeous!