introducing Stormy, the newest member of Next Gen House

Last night we welcomed a new member of our family – a male, orange marmalade cat – who we named Stormy. Stormy is actually short for Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, which is a reference to a joke from Doctor Who that makes us laugh every time we see it. (To view this moment from the episode, click here. It will make more sense and the name will be less weird, but still geeky.)

Stormy comes to us from Best Furry Friends, a local adoption group. We met him, ironically, on our way to the Humane Society to look at cats for adoption. We stopped by our local pet store (Pet Supplies Plus at Settlers Ridge) to get some supplies, and as we passed an aisle end-cap, a little furry paw reached out of a cage and “snagged” Mark. We stopped and looked into the big eyes of this beautiful little cat and well, kind of fell in love. 

We put in an application on the spot, to adopt this cat and his sister, Joy, who was also on site. After talking with the adoption group, we found out that Joy already had a family ready to adopt her, but our little orange buddy was available, as well as some of his “siblings” from a group of cats orphaned together. 

We were interested in two cats, particularly getting ones that already knew each other. After we were told that one of Stormy’s siblings would do best in a child-free home because he’s deaf (and needed for that reason to be adopted with one of his “siblings”), we were sold. That cat’s name is Winter – he’s all white with one green eye and one blue. And we will be bringing him home soon too – once his ear infection is all cleared up.

Stormy seems to be acclimating pretty well, after really not enjoying the car ride home. (Sorry that Carnegie’s roads are all jacked from the winter, Stormy.) He has come out to play with us and get some attention a few times in between hiding behind the tubs of Christmas decorations (which Mark has dubbed his Fortress of Solitude). We know he just needs to get used to our house and all the sights, sounds and smells. But if his purring and desire for petting and scratching is any indication, he’s going to love Next Gen House. We have only known of him for a few days and only brought him home last night, but he’s already a part of our family.

Once he gets used to our house, I hope to be able to really take some good photos of him – especially to show off the gorgeous pattern of his coat. But only when he’s ready (and if he likes having his photo taken as much as I do, probably never). Thanks Best Furry Friends, for giving us the opportunity to love and care for Stormy!

  • Kathleen

    So adorable! Congratulations! I love that Stormy chose you–what a great story.

  • Ber

    It’s such a great feeling when a cat / pet picks you! It’s an amazing feeling to have that connection. :-) can’t wait for you to get Stormy’s brother too.

  • Unknown

    Stormy definitely won that game of tag. I hope Mark realizes he’s still “it”.

  • Jeffrey Taylor

    I can’t wait to meet my grandchildren….Stormy and Winter! Love, Grammy T.