Real Life CSA: winter share 5

More variety in this share – and more pasta!

Eggs will supplement our chickens’ eggs. (The Americaunas haven’t really layed in months.)

As a big pasta lover, this lemon pepper rotini will make a great dinner – possibly with some sauce that involves goat cheese.

Although the goat cheese would also go really well with this hot pepper jelly (which I accidentally labeled jam up in the top photo). I didn’t realized I liked hot pepper jelly until a friend brought her dad’s homemade jelly to a party with brie and puff pastry and it was delightful. So many uses for this stuff!

We’ve been enjoying fresh lettuce with each of these shares. If we get this again, I’ll take a photo of the whole bunch, so you can see how they cut the lettuce when it’s grown hydroponically. 

Onions and potatoes will be pantry staples and the same goes for the dilly beans. Apple cider we’ll drink up – we like to mix it with club soda for fizzy apple cider with a little bit less sweetness.

As for the beets, I might try to be ambitious and find another recipe to test that I might actually like. If not, we’ll give them to someone who likes them or compost them!