Real Life CSA: week 22, produce

Even though the season is winding down, we still get an impressive amount of produce in the share – and not just storage crops.

Going to have a pepper slice-a-thon this weekend and get a bunch frozen for winter fajitas, since we already have enough chili peppers hanging to dry in our kitchen (which you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram @nextgenhouse)

This is the second week for turnip greens and I’m not disappointed. We ate last week’s turnip greens sauteed with the previous week’s chard as a side dish for the nice dinner we made ourselves on our wedding anniversary this week. Mark’s found a great way to leech the bitterness out is to use a little white wine or broth to allow the greens to cook longer while the liquid evaporates. It also lends a good flavor to them. I’ve never enjoyed bitter greens so much as this season!

More delicious apples this week. Trying to savor these guys every time, knowing we won’t be getting them forever. But a great way to savor great apples through the winter is…

We’re drinking this fresh, but you can also freeze the whole half gallon by pouring off and enjoying about a half a cup to give it room to expand. We had no choice but to drink this fresh anyway, considering our chest freezer is officially packed to capacity. I’m not even sure another molecule of ice could fit in there. (The peppers will have to be shoved in the upstairs freezer. Might have to eat up some ice cream to make room. What a sacrifice.)

Gratuitous slightly unfocused tendril shot!

The radishes and greens will be salad this week, and the potatoes will be stored if we don’t use them as a side. As for the dill, I’m thinking of drying it or preserving it in another way since we are unlikely to use that enormous bunch in one week of recipes.

I’m not sure how many weeks we have left, but I will miss this CSA when it’s done for the season. 

Remember that if you’re in the same boat – that you enjoy your CSA and the fresh variety of foods it brings to your diet, comments are still being accepted on the FDA’s new rules for the Food Safety Modernization Act that threaten small farms and local producers. Read more directly from our CSA about how they would be specifically affected by these potential rules here. You can read my comment and find instructions on how to submit your own here.