Real Life CSA: week 12, produce

Back with the CSA after a week off, and we’ve got two new items as well as an explosion of tomatoes. 

Celery is a new crop for Kretschmann’s this year, and this is our first taste. I’m seeing ants on a log in my future. That or part of a mirepoix. Both ends of the culinary classy spectrum, there.

The potatoes and thyme look so good next to each other, they’ll probably end up that way in a dish.

I am never sad to see lettuce in our CSA. Their lettuce varieties are so flavorful, and in a house that eats salads every week, we always appreciate them. So much better than salad in a bag!

Loving all of the tomatoes we got this week. I have plans for fresh salsa this weekend, with all of our hot peppers from our own garden coming in. 

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter (@nextgenhouse), you might have seen me declare refrigerator pickles a raging success. I opened the first jar last night and I was thrilled with the results – crispy and salty and full of dill flavor. The only pickles I like are homemade, so these are a huge treat for me.

Might have to try some bread and butter pickles next. And next year? I’m going to try full canning of pickles again, now that I think I’ve mastered the process (pickle crisper + correct cucumbers for pickling = yum).