cleveland’s west side market

We spent Saturday in Cleveland visiting family and friends, and made it to the West Side Market, the city’s oldest publicly owned market. It started back in 1840 and in 1912 was housed in its yellow market building, where it still exists and thrives today.

We got some produce from the long line of produce vendors that line the arcade. In particular, I was excited to get a melon from Rooted Cleveland, a “seasonally and sustainably-oriented produce stand…providing local and organically minded specialty produce.” The market is great in its variety of produce and its affordability, but much of it comes from far away. I am really happy to see a vendor specializing in truly local and seasonal produce there, and I hope they thrive. We’ll definitely be back to visit their stand next time. (They even sold rhubarb pie kits with all the ingredients you’d need to make a pie!)

We ended up with some salad greens, as well as the aforementioned melon and some other fruit.

My photos aren’t the greatest – it was a cloudy day and I was using my cell phone inside the market. And also holding bags of fruit. Lots of meat places with many cuts and specialty items. I hope that over time the market gets more vendors using locally raised meats and grass-fed items.

We didn’t think ahead enough to bring a cooler, or else I definitely would have come home with some cheese. (made in the Cleve!)

Earlier in the day we had eaten lunch at Noodlecat, a ramen restaurant and one of our favorite restaurants in Cleveland. (Home of the most amazing brussels sprouts dish that you could ever dream of. Thanks to Noodlecat for making them for us at lunch even though they are on the dinner menu!) We discovered that they also have a stall at the West Side Market!

We also came home with some papardelle from Ohio City Pasta. It’s hard not to put your hands all over the case and press your nose up to it, the pasta looks so good. They also have tons of homemade ravioli that were tempting too.

Mark and I also gave into our favorites – Campbell’s Sweets Factory White Cheddar Dichotomy Popcorn for me, and a cupcake from Grandma Campbell’s for him.

After the Market, Mark met some friends and I met his sister for dinner, and because both of the places we had originally intended to go had crazy long waits, we both ended up at the same place without knowing it until we arrived: Market Garden Brewery and Distillery. This is a shot of the back of the restaurant – where you can see the stills.

Saw this community chalk wall on one side of the restaurant. Before I die, I want to… (I’m going to go with live on a space farm for mine. A girl can dream.)

Food was good, but the beer sampler was the best. I got to choose 6 of their own beers to taste. I was really happy to be able to fill 6 without having a stout or an IPA in the list. I loved them all, but the All-American Lager was my favorite (far right). Had I had some forethought, I would have taken a growler or a growlerette home. I just love craft beers, especially having them at the same place where they are brewed. 

We also drove by several urban farms yesterday that have popped up in Cleveland within the last year or two, which is really great. I’d like to check out the Ohio City Farm Stand next time we’re there – it was purple!

  • Jonelle Cosgrove

    Have you been to North Country Brewery in Slippery Rock? They’re the same! AMAZING beers and great samplers to choose too! Last time we got a growler and it was gone in 2 days. SOOOO delicious!

    Whenever you’re in the area, let us know and we’ll meet you there. Its right by SRU so no time of year is better…but early dinner is best, even on weekends. If you go at 5 or later you wait, last time we got there about like 4:30 or so and go right in and within 10 mins there was a line….when we left (felt like we could take our time) people were saying a 2 hr wait!! :)

    I’ve been hitting up our local farmers market on Saturday mornings and getting some yummy veggies. Also found a grass fed, corn finished beef farm…OH.MY.GOODNESS – SUCH a difference in taste!!!! We savor those dinners… when we have a freezer we will be getting a half cow from them. They are in Whitehall on Mondays, Bethel Park on Tuesdays and looking for more retail places. Pasture Perfect Beef – keep an eye out! :) They want to get on the strip asap! Amazing beef and great people!!!

    • Joanna Taylor Stone

      I haven’t, but I’ve heard that place is great. I’d love to try it sometime!

      We are pretty lucky here that we have so many options to choose from for good meat. We get our meat CSA from Clarion River as well as beef regularly from Weatherbury Farms, a farm with all-grass/pasture beef south of Pittsburgh, about 25 minutes from our house. It’s great that you’ve found a place you like with high-quality, good for you (and the environment and the cow) meat. Plus supporting local business is great – especially when it benefits your own bank account by letting you buy in bulk!