Real Life CSA: week 3, produce

Third week of our produce CSA from Kretschmann’s. More berries, a new herb new greens and broccoli!

We’re going to combine the rhubarb from last week with this week’s to make a crumble, most likely this one. Berries are already in our lunches. Lettuce and spinach will make great salads and we can use extra spinach and broccoli in side dishes. Green onions are great on salads, or in the dish I made last night with ground pork from Clarion River – dan dan noodles.

These collard greens will become soul food, probably with some bacon. For people who are not familiar with different types of greens, this visual guide is great.

Thyme and sage will be dried out, as we’re starting to get a large stash of fresh.

Last but never least, the extra purchase this week: a flat of strawberries. You know what that means…it’s jam time.